Larkana or Larkano
Larkana or larkano
Mother Gallery Larkana or Larkano Portal is complete guide and online information is to provide a platform to the peoples from Larkana as well as those are not in Larkana but have some belongings to this city by any means.

On you can find a lot of information about Larkana, and peoples if you are an interested in writing a Blog for, we'd love to hear from you. This is a great way to get exposure for yourself, as well as send us your Blog through our email address.

The major focus of the portal would be the community, and we have plans to serve the community not only over the online but we will be expanding this setup physically in Larkana by getting involved in some activities which will be some how for the betterment of the community, Despite the fact that will act as an identity for the community and will represent them over the world online internet. launching the trial version of the portal with some limited set of features and by time we will keep on adding a lot of new features. We will keep everyone updated. In order to get regular updates about the portal please send us your suggestions and comments are welcomed and we will update you about any upgrades on the website.

Once again we welcome you wholehearted on and will appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

The Team
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Larkana or larkano